DIY- Do It Yourself-Handcrafts,Homemade gifts.

DIY- Do It Yourself.

The term itself is very inspiring. If any one create anything by self motivation or idea then it would feel very special. If I make anything on my own apart from purchasing it from any vendor, I would be on cloud nine. Still, crafting, whether it’s building a piece of furniture or making a necklace can be a little intimidating.

Here I have attached some pictures for examples. So many creative things can be done easily in less time and with cost saving. Now a days, market of hand made item had been grown rapidly and in full phase That’s why one can even start business with their speciality in DIY products. Also you can tie up with e-commerce website/vendors for selling your products online and can be able to famous with own blogging and marketing.


Some famous artists or website which I recommend to visit at least one are listed here:


1) A Beautiful Mess

Homemade gifts ideas

Two sisters, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman are  managing this blog where you can find home décor projects, recipes, and crafts and many other things. Our favorite is the homemade gift ideas section because there’s nothing more special than a gift made with love.


2)  Damask Love


Amber is a child psychologist who somehow also has the time to create beautiful craft projects and share them using her “doable-DIY” approach. You have to take a look once for the ideas.


3) DIY Playbook

home decor

Bridge and Casey are best friend and self-proclaimed DIY “rookies” . They have original craft ideas which are really enjoyable and fun , but the best part of their site is some of the really practical advice they share, like how to patch a hole in your wall and how to hide a printer. Really amazing!!


We can get some guidance with the help of blogs and can start super exiting journey of creativity which I am sure will turn into habit and then Hobby. Let’s start thinking innovative and to create this world very different and delightful.

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