Chinese New Year (Happy New Year)

Chinese New Year, the most important festival in Chinese calendar.
Chinese New Year is often referred to as the Spring Festival. It is a time for family, reunion, good food, and steeped in many traditions and themes of good luck, fortune, happiness, wealth and longevity.
Chinese New Year’s Day take place on the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar — Saturday, January 28th in 2017.
Chinese New Year is as important for Chinese people as Diwali for Indians and 1 st January across the world.

Chinese New Year Celebrations:

This celebration consists of total 7 days, but officially holiday is first 3 days of Chinese New Year. Chinese must work the two weekend days closest to the statutory holiday to “make up the work time”.
The preparation for the long celebration starts earlier before Chinese New Year’s Eve, and the celebration will last to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month.
Here is the day by day schedule for the historical new year celebration. Among these days, the Eve and the first day are the peak time, when people will have big dinners and set off fireworks.


23rd day of last lunar month: Worshiping the Kitchen God
24th day of last lunar month: Clean up the house thoroughly
26th-27th of last lunar month: Shopping for festival items

last day of last lunar month (Chinese New Year’s Eve):

  1. Pasting Spring Festival couplets,
  2. having reunion dinner,
  3. watching TV gala,
  4. setting off fireworks

1st day of first lunar month:

  1. Setting off firecrackers,
  2. eating and enjoying dumplings,
  3. Meet and visiting relatives

2nd day of first lunar month:

  1. Worshiping the God of Wealth,
  2. married daughters returning home

15th day of first lunar month (Lantern Festival):

  1. Lantern fair,
  2. guessing lantern riddles,
  3. eating rice dumplings
  4. 5th day of first lunar month: Welcoming the God of Wealth

As a part of thie festival celebration people often give gifts to their relatives, friends and loved once.
It is also known as Lunar New Year Festival: Year of the Rooster.

The people of China celebrates the biggest festival of the year on this occasion – Lunar New Year Festival: Year of the Rooster is made possible by the Great Circle Foundation and the Tiger Baron Foundation.
It is presented in cooperation with Cool Culture.
For upcoming new year 2017, here is one of venue for celebration of the event.
2017 Lunar New Year Festival
Year of the Rooster
Saturday, January 28, 2017 | 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Free Admission | Free Parking
Chinese Community Centre | 9800 Town Park Dr., Houston, Texas 77036
Link for the registration:

There are other several activated held on this day.
Like, New Year Parade: The Chinatown parade usually takes place on the second Sunday after the beginning of Chinese New Year.  It begins at 11am but if there are a many speeches then after 11am – and finishes a few hours later.
This parade would be pass through the Essex Street, Harrison Ave, and several smaller side streets.

Let’s check out some famous food of Chinese New Year:

The Chinese Reunion dinner is one of the most important elements during Chinese New Year. The reunion dinner which is held on the New Year eve and it is a time where families gather over an extravagant meal with lots of laughter and noise.
Food plays an integral role for the Chinese as well as most Malaysians. Hence, during the reunion dinner, one will be able to see all sorts of dishes on the table including the famous Yee Sang, stir-fry leeks, stick cakes and others.

  • Yee Sang
  • Sticky Cake
  • Leek
  • The Tray of Togetherness


Chinese New Year Decorations:

Decorations play a huge role as part of welcoming and celebrating Chinese New Year. A few weeks prior to the celebration every year, streets will be decorated with beautifully lanterns of all sizes, Chinese homes spruced up with vases of pretty cherry blossoms, pussy willows and happy hand-written couplets. This is a time filled with much excitement and full of happiness as the Chinese prepare to welcome the New Year.  These decorations are put up each year and most families keep them in the house even after the celebration to usher in good luck and prosperity throughout the year.

  • Ang Pau Packets
  • Dragon Dances
  • Orange and Tangerines
  • Couplets
  • Cherry Blossoms/ Pussy Willows
  • Lanterns

Chinese New Year Celebration happening around the world:

The festival is not only observed in China mainland, but also celebrated in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, some Asian countries such as Singapore, Vietnam,Indonesia and Philippines , and also Chinatowns in UK,USA, Canada, and Australia. The traditions also evolve into their unique ways of celebration.

Happy New Year to all of you….:)

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